• Appetizers that go out soon

    • Smoked ham "spec"

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      If you have this first, you are OK!

    • Spicy salami of Naples

      480 yen (excluding tax)
    • Porsesala of Gorgonzola

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      The immovable snacks Cinque boasts of pride

    • Sicily semi-dry tomato

      480 yen (excluding tax)
    • Carrots salad you can eat even people who dislike ginseng

      480 yen (excluding tax)
    • The world's best anchovies

      480 yen (excluding tax)

      Anchovies made in Spanish Cantabria are the best in the world

    • Artichoke marinade in Sardinia

      480 yen (excluding tax)
    • Olive marinade

      480 yen (excluding tax)
    • Mixed nuts

      480 yen (excluding tax)
  • Appetizer

    • Cinque a specialty! Caprese of -196 ° C

      Cinque a specialty! Caprese of -196 ° C

      1480 yen (excluding tax)

      We will make caprese together by combining super rich trolleyburrata cheese which is airborne from southern Italy's Puglia state once a week and tomato gelato made in front of customers.

    • Deep fried bamboo fried with anchovies

      780 yen (excluding tax)
    • Fried golden mimoretto potatoes

      780 yen (excluding tax)
    • Whole lettuce Bagna cauda

      850 yen (excluding tax)
    • Three kinds of cheese today

      1680 yen (excluding tax)
    • 1 bucket

      180 yen (excluding tax)

      Homemade karasumi butter bucket 1 piece 280 yen / homemade raw butter bucket 1 piece 350 yen

  • Charcoal grilled meat cuts in your favorite grams in units of 50 g.

    • Today's charcoal grilling "4 kinds of meat filling"

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      Four varieties of recommended meat such as Wagyu beef, ago pig, red chicken, etc are assembled.Gut and 300 g !!

    • Anchovy with yam

      580 yen (excluding tax)
    • Kuroge Wagyu beef Ishigaki Beef inside thigh meat charcoal grill 50 g

      1200 yen (excluding tax)
    • Brown wagyu beef soup aka beef kai ni meat meat cooked fire 50 g

      980 yen (excluding tax)

      A kaani and a kirby special mention in a grilled meat shop

    • Okinawa Prefecture Agu pig pig shoulder loin meat charcoal grilling 50 g

      980 yen (excluding tax)
    • Agu pig made in Okinawa Prefecture Salted salted carrabi cooked fire 50 g

      850 yen (excluding tax)
    • Italian thick sausage "Salsicca" 1 pc about 100 g

      980 yen (excluding tax)

      Feel meaty with sausage without additives!

  • Pasta with dried noodles

    • Anchovy butter

      980 yen (excluding tax)

      simple is best!

    • Lettuce and semi-dry tomato peppers

      1380 yen (excluding tax)
    • Florentine specialties Potato stewed pasta

      1580 yen (excluding tax)
    • Challenge ♪ Russian Pomodoro

      1380 yen (excluding tax)

      Pasta of tomato sauce is divided so that it does not look like the number of people.And one of them is a super spicy pasta full of chili ... ... but it is dangerous but exciting.

  • Homemade pasta

    • Fresh fruit tomato cold pasta (Cappellini)

      1380 yen (excluding tax)
    • Agute pig meat sauce (Vigor)

      1680 yen (excluding tax)
    • Gorgonzola's short pasta (Rustiti)

      1680 yen (excluding tax)
    • Sicilian pasta of petit tomatoes with the raw of today

      Market value
    • Black truffle Carbonara (Kitara)

      2500 yen (excluding tax)
    • Omal shrimp whole whole 1 tomato sauce (kitakara)

      2800 yen (excluding tax)
  • Dolce

    • Semi-Fred of Sicily Pistachio

      780 yen (excluding tax)

      Semifred is homemade ice cream that frozen the mousse

    • Sicilian pistachio cream brulee

      780 yen (excluding tax)
    • Three home-made gelato of today

      680 yen (excluding tax)
    • Sicilian cheese ice "Cassa"

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      It is rich ice cream made with Mascarpone or Ricotta cheese dried fruit.

    • Espresso / coffee / tea

      Each 500 yen (excluding tax)